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Get The Gear The Pros Use!

We understand that getting quality gear can normally be a hassle and a bit of a crapshoot. We have been providing the highest quality anabolics to competitors and athletes for many years and have developed this easy to use online portal to facilitate your training and supplementation needs with your health and security as our top priority.

No more trying to find a reputable source to enhance your gym and performance gains. We are a one-stop shop for all of the gear that you need to reach your goals.

All of our gear is of the highest pharma grade quality, with guaranteed dosing and purity. It is all manufactured in the US and thoroughly tested. This is not cheap Chinese bunk gear, or gear that is under-dosed or manufactured in some highly questionable underground lab.


Here are just a few of the reasons why doing business with us is your best solution:

  • Guaranteed Purity And Dosing!
  • Ordering is simple and hassle free. If you have any questions just contact us here.
  • No BULLSHIT, we supply MANY of the top IFBB Pros including more than 1 MR. OLYMPIA
  • Everything is manufactured in the US.
  • All Compounds Pass Dave Palumbo Roid Test Kits With Flying Colors.
  • Mass Spectrometer Tested And Verified To Be Fully Dosed To Specified MG.  We don’t fuck you by labeling as one compound and shipping another.
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing to ensure purity and eliminate any soreness.
  • Discreet USPS Priority Shipping means you get your gear within a couple of days (tracking available upon request). Worldwide shipping is also discreet and hassle free (shipping cost will be quoted on your invoice).
  • Looking to distribute locally the best gear in the country? Message us to discuss bulk pricing.
  • Need help in developing a stack? Message us and we’d be happy to help you out.

Don’t get fooled by cheaper gear that either isn’t is what it says it is, or is underdosed to increase profits.  All of our gear is 100% pure and dosed precisely to specifications.  

Yes, we may be a few more dollars than some alternatives on here. BUT THERE IS A REASON… our gear is 100% fully dosed, 100% fully what it says it is, and 100% manufactured in the US to pharma grade. Saving a few dollars for bunk gear is going to waste you time, gains and money in the long run.

Put into your body a premium product and get premium results, even if it costs a few bucks more. 


Step 1: Add items to your cart and check out as normal (an account will be created for you automatically.)

Or you can register a secure account first here,
Step 2: Once you have your items in your cart, choose your method of payment and hit PLACE ORDER button.
Step 3: Once you hit the PLACE ORDER button
if you chose Cash App as your payment option you will see the address/user to send your payment to (it is also in your order email).
Be sure to reference order number when making payment.

If you chose Bitcoin as your payment method an invoice with the Bitcoin Address to send payment to will pop up.
Step 4: If you are paying via Bitcoin and have your Bitcoin ready to go send the stated amount to the address provided on invoice on the checkout page. You can also leave the page to go get your Bitcoin and find the information again in your “My Account” order history.
As soon as payment is received items will ship.

DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE BITCOIN? No problem, check out our easy How To Use Bitcoin Tutorial HERE.

* Shipments to the US incur a flat-rate shipping rate of $20 per order, shipments outside of the US will be quoted on your invoice. All shipping fees must be paid before items are shipped.